Crawl space Door Replacement

Does Your Crawl Space Door Even Open?

The First Step To a clean crawl space is a new door

If you are in need of a new crawl space door, we are the perfect solution for you. Our Phantom Contractors team will replace your old, decrepit crawl space door with a brand new one that is made to last. Your new crawl space door will be well-protected against the harshest weather conditions thanks to our heavy-duty materials and construction techniques. Contact us today to learn more about our crawl space door replacement services!

Do You have Some uninvited house guests living below?

If you’re noticing a draft of cold air slipping into your home or can hear unwanted wildlife scurrying beneath your floorboards, those are signs that it’s time to have us come out and assess your crawl space door. While having Phantom Contractors do a quick replacement might require a few hours of your time, once everything is completed you’ll be glad that you took action and got the job done properly. We will also make sure to take care of any required safety protocol, as well as suggest any additional maintenance services you may need for your crawl space. Don’t delay: get the job taken care of. We are here to help!

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