Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Is it easy to solve a drafty house?

Our Vapor Barriers Will Help regulate your homes temperature!

Phantom Contractors installs crawl space vapor barriers to help homeowners control the environment in their crawl spaces. A vapor barrier will keep ground moisture under control while also regulating the temperature. This will make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Contact us today to learn more about how a new vapor barrier can benefit you!

What Makes a vapor barrier so Useful

We understand how important it is to preserve crawl spaces from moisture, mold and mildew, so we recommend our vapor barrier installation service. This service is essential for those living in this area as the vapor barrier helps protect against the damaging effects of excessive moisture within the space. The barrier can help keep out ground insects, dust and pollen as well, further reinforcing its value and use. For our customers there are several different options to choose from depending on individualized needs when it comes to installing a vapor barrier – making this an indispensable tool for keeping crawl spaces safe and healthy.

can installation of a vapor barrier improve the value of your property?

A vapor barrier is an essential protective layer that stops moisture and water vapor from seeping into your crawl space, protecting your home. Phantom Contractors offers professional installation of the crawl space vapor barrier, which comes equipped with a technology that keeps mold and mildew at bay and drastically improves air quality throughout your home. Installing this simple product will increase the value of your property significantly. Contact us today to ensure the optimal air quality in your home and protect its future value.

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