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How To Tell If My subfloor is damaged

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We’ll get your floorboards looking as good as new again in no time! Sagging or splintered floors joists and subfloors are our specialty. We know how important your flooring is to the safety of your home, which is why our team of experienced professionals can quickly and efficiently repair any damage. Contact us today for a free consultation!

The only Way to see if your joists need to be replaces is to look!

Phantom Contractors takes crawl space inspections seriously, especially when it comes to examining floor joists. This area of the house is often overlooked (because it’s so hard to access), yet critical for stability and overall performance of a home’s foundation. We carefully inspect not only each joist, but the beams and subfloor as well in order to detect any weakening or potential issues that could prove costly if left unattended. We never leave anything unseen and guarantees that our clients will feel safe in the knowledge that their home’s structural integrity is sound.

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